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Featured Photo - Eiffel Tower At Dawn

November 13th, 2012

Featured Photo - Eiffel Tower At Dawn

The Eiffel Tower before sunrise viewed from Trocadero with the statues of the Palais Chaillot in the foreground.

I took this photograph on a chilly October morning during a photography trip to Paris. It is always a tricky endeavour to shoot such a famous, oft photographed landmark. This said, I enjoy the challenge of coming up with an original take on a location that has been photographed millions of times. With this in mind, I decided to shoot the Tower in the early morning, a time that few visitors have seen Gustave Eiffel’s marvel of engineering.

With this in mind, I left my hotel at 5am, bleary eyed and not quite awake yet. I love early morning shoots as the light at this time has a delicate pastel quality that is impossible to find at other times of the day. The trauma of extracting myself from the comfort of my cosy hotel bed was outweighed by the beautiful light that greeted me on my arrival at Trocadero. As I was setting up my tripod, I noticed that I...